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New formula & new packaging for the Intragen cosmetics care of Revlon Professional, direct from Spain
Anti Hair Loss + Detox action

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The most important Cosmetic Trichology Innovation on the anti hair loss market

Intragen 5 multi-active anti-hair loss treatment revolution

Intragen is an anti hair-loss full range:
Patch - Phials - Shampoos - Spray-Foam

Multi active action against hair loss.
Hair loss isn’t due to one single cause, but to multiple factors with different origins:
seasonal, hereditary, hormonal disorders, stress etc.

Preserves hair life and increases hair density. a highly effective anti-hair loss treatment.

The multi-active patented intragen 5 complex acts on the 5 causes which upset the hair’s normal growth cycle:

1. Naturally blocks the hormonal agent
2. Protects capillary cells from premature aging
3. Stimulates oxygenation and cellular nutrition
4. Increases the production of new cells
5. Reduces excess sebum in the scalp

Proven anti-hair loss efficancy*
+22% hair density. double resistance to hair loss

A worldwide innovation; multi-active anti hair-loss patch 30 patches

• Effective
• Acts from within, strengthening the nucleus of the hair follicle.
• 75% more hair density*
• 72% stronger and revitalized hair*
• Satisfaction test with more than 80% of those who have used the product
have noticed positive results.

The genuine Intragen Anti Hair Loss Patchs come from Spain - Barcelona and is produced by The Colomer Cosmetic Group
Patchboutique by Estetic Online grants you a quick delivery of the authentic Intragen Patch

The Main Cause of Hairloss

In more than 95% of cases, loss of hair is caused by the androgenetic factor. The male hormone known as testosterone is present in both males and females but in much lesser quantities in the latter case. Hair loss is not caused by the presence of testosterone in the bloodstream but rather in a new hormone that appears when it comes into contact with an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. It is this new hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that will result in sensitizing hairy follicles, which will eventually provoke hair loss as well as the well-known effects of baldness.

For men:
Baldness is characterized by hair loss located mostly on the front, the top and the bald patch leaving only a simple crown in the shape of a horseshoe in the back. The degree of hair loss will vary from one individual to the next but the type remains the same.

For women:
Loss of hair is generally characterized by a uniform thinness throughout the scalp. Even though feminine hair loss is generally caused by the androgenetic phenomenon, there are many outside causes
and diseases that play an important part as well.

Multiactive Technology
Intragen is a patented Anti-Hair Loss complex which interacts with all causes of hair loss and has a multiactive effect in five directions:

1. Blocks the hormonal agent.
2. Protects capillary cells from premature a ging.
3. Stimulates oxigenation and cellular nutrition.
4. Increases production of the cells which favor hair growth.
5. Reduces the level of sebum in the scalp.

Multi action hair-loss prevention line
The interactive hair-loss preventive range of Colomer corrects the five major dysfunctions responsible for stubborn or temporary hair loss, including hormone-related baldness.

Stress, fatigue, depression, seasonal variations, pregnancies, surgeries and excess sebum cal all cause hair to fall out by weakening the metabolism and causing cells to degenerate. How ever, the main reason for hair loss is hormonal.

Testosterone + the enzyme 5- Alpha-Reductase = a shortened hair-growth cycle.
This androgenetic baldness can affect women in their fifties as much as men from adolescence.
Interactives of Revon is a line of multi active hair treatments with effective results shown to correct
the main causes of hair problems.

• Natural ingredients
• Spectacular performance
• Remarkable cosmetic results
• Seductive fragrances

What is the Intragen Revlon anti hair loss patch?

• A highly-concentrated formula, rich in active ingredients but light and non-greasy.
• Prolongs the hair’s growth cycle by blocking the enzyme 5-Alpha-Reductase.Intensifies hair development during the growth phase.
• Stimulates micro-blood circulation for optimal nutrition and oxygenation.
• Fights premature cell aging.
• Reduces sebum secretions.
• Rapidly increased hair density and slows hair loss significantly in 3 months.
• Leaves hair light and vigorous.

Intensive regimen: 8 weeks
Phase 1: 1 patch per day

Use one patch daily - place patch on different part of the neck or shoulder area each day.

Maintenance or preventive program:
Every 4 to 5 months, 1 patch a day for 4 weeks or two 60 days treatments a year (prefarrably Spring and Autumn).
It is recommended to combine Intragen Patch with Colomer Shampoo and the use of Colomer Spray-Foam twice a year.

The interactives hair-loss preventive range corrects the five major dysfunctions responsible for stubborn or temporary hair loss, including hormone-related baldness.

Proven medically results

After a 6-week regimen, clinical tests show:
• +22% in hair density
• x 2 in resistance to hair loss.
• Significant halt to hair loss after 3 months.

The results in clinical tests with Intragen 5 are conclusive*:
• 22% higher hair density.
• Double resistance to hair loss.

* Clinical study "in vivo" undertaken on men and women by ISPE (Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation) of Milan.

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